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Think Outside The Screen: Code Your Future

Forget the stereotype of children addicted to their screens, pecking away at mindless games. Coding is poised to become the coolest thing in your child’s life, and it has nothing to do with collecting points on a digital battlefield. Buckle up, because we’re about to enter the secret world of code, where children become creators rather than consumers of technology.

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  1. Coding is like building with superpowers:

Remember the LEGO Castle? Coding allows children to take their creations to a new level. Consider the same castle, but now it can be programmed to light up in different colours or play a bespoke fanfare as the drawbridge lowers. Coding allows children to add another degree of interactivity and imagination to their physical creations.

Example- Have your child create a maze out of cardboard boxes. Then, assist them in programming a little Robot (there are plenty of kid-friendly versions available) to navigate the maze. This mixes physical building with the excitement of Programming and Problem-Solving.

2. Coding makers Problem-Solvers, not just Gamers:

Coding is similar to putting together a large puzzle. Kids have a goal (e.g., getting that robot to navigate the maze), and they must break it down into smaller, reasonable steps. This teaches children valuable problem-solving abilities that can be utilised in a variety of situations, not just Gaming.

Example- Encourage your child to create a basic animation. Perhaps it’s a bouncing ball or a fish moving across the screen. Even with these rudimentary programmes, they must think rationally about cause and effect, how to break down movement into steps, and how to Debug mistakes.

3. Coding is the new math ( and it’s fun!):

Let’s be honest: conventional maths drills can be a little tedious. Coding, on the other hand, adds a sense of purpose and enjoyment to the learning of math principles. To bring their code to life, kids employ variables, loops, and conditional statements, which are all mathematical building elements.

Example: There are numerous coding programmes created expressly to teach arithmetic subjects. One example could be assisting a character in collecting a specific number of coins or calculating the trajectory of a rocket launch. This gamifies learning and creates a new connection with maths.

4. Coding Boosts Confidence and Creativity:

When a child sees their code come to life, something magical occurs. It is a recognition of their hard work and innovation. Coding allows individuals to create something from scratch, express themselves in new ways, and overcome obstacles. This newfound confidence spreads into other aspects of their lives.

Example: Coding allows children to tell their own stories using animation or interactive games. They can create characters, develop plots, and programme activities. This is a terrific way for kids to express their creativity and watch their ideas come to life.

Photo by Surface on Unsplash

So, how do we get started?

The good news is that Coding Education is now more accessible than ever. There are various online platforms like Makers’ Muse geared exclusively at children. Even unplugged activities, such as coding board games, can convey fundamental principles in a fun and interactive manner.

Are you ready to see your youngster become a coding superhero? Coding for Kids helps to develop extraordinary qualities such as resilience, tenacity, and adaptability. When they come into a bug or a difficult problem, rather than giving up, they roll up their sleeves and dive back in, equipped with tenacity and grit.

And the best part? These amazing talents go far beyond coding, allowing your youngster to face any obstacle with confidence and perseverance.

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