Coding classes for kids

At what age a child should start coding? 

The code rules the world.  Coding gives life to technology; whether used in the apps we use daily or the movies we watch. As a parent, it’s natural to think if my child should learn how to code? If so, when? 

Good news? There is no right answer.  Fundamental skills can be learnt as early as preschool through age-appropriate activities. 

Building the Blocks of Logic ( Age: 5-7 y/o): 

Think coding is just for teenagers hunched over laptops? Think again! Young children explore naturally and there are plenty of amazing ways to introduce them to coding basics by playing around with toys. For instance, websites like ScratchJr have drag-and-drop facilities that come in various colors and children program nice characters that wander within very simple adventures. These fun experiences teach young kids about sequencing (giving instructions step by step) which is one of the basic principles of coding. 

Leveling Up With Games And Challenges ( Age: 8-10 Y/O): 

Entering elementary school leads to a surge of cognition in children, a time that is most ideal for introducing more structured coding programs such as Scratch. Scratch uses colorful blocks which represent coding commands, thereby allowing children to create animations, games and even interactive stories.  It boasts an intuitive block-based format that inspires creativity and fosters problem-solving skills. Imagine if your child were to create their own animated adventure game- the possibilities are endless! 

Diving Intro Text-Based Coding ( Age: 11-13 Y/O): 

At middle school level, students can delve a bit deeper. In such platforms like Tynker, text-based coding is introduced in a fun and engaging way. Children can use code to build virtual worlds, solve puzzles and even program their own chatbots. Such platforms often have gamification elements incorporated into them that rewards progress made while keeping kids motivated. Who would have thought learning could be so much fun? 

Benefits Of Coding Education: 

The coding, apart from enabling cool applications or games, has its advantages. Take a look at what your kid can achieve with this valuable life skill. 

1.Problem Solving Skills: Coding imparts the ability to children where they can divide a complex problem into small manageable steps. 

2.Creativity Is Enhanced: With coding, kids bring their ideas to life in the digital world, leading to innovation and creative thinking. 

3.Confidence Is Boosted: Self-esteem and accomplishments are built through mastering new challenges. For young learners, there is nothing that motivates them better than watching their code come to life. 

4.Future Proofing: In today’s job market, coding skills are very important; therefore early exposure of one’s child to coding will enable them have a strong foundation for their future academic success and career development. 

Specific age should not be waited for when introducing your child to programming language. From basic logic puzzles to creating interactive games, there is an entire world full of exciting possibilities waiting to be explored.Fortunately, there are numerous resources suitable for different ages that will cultivate your child’s natural curiosity making him or her go down history as a miniature tycoon! Then why don’t you embark on this journey together? You may be amazed by the things your baby can do! 

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