Coding classes for kids

A name Animator

Animated the letters of their name, initials, favorite word. (Deepak, Grade 5)

Character Chase Game

Made a game where they chase a character to score points. (Abhishek, Grade 6)

Fly Game Maker

Created custom character and make it fly by using scratch by MIT. (Amrit, Grade 6)

Custom Story Maker

Made a characters, added conversation, and brought your story to life. (Rajat, Grade 5)

Music Maker

Added instruments, added sounds, and made music. (Tushar, Grade 5)

Making a Ping Pong Game

Student made a bouncing ball game with sounds, points, and other effects. (Aryan, Grade 6)

Make a Character

Brought characters to life with animation and scratch. (Lakshay, Grade 5)

Video Sensing

Students made a project using the Video Sensing extension. (Akshay, Grade 5)

Make a Cartoon Character

Students made custom characters with animations and Scratch. (Kapil, Grade 6)
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